Sackboy Player’s Player trophy / achievement – all collectible items

Achievements Collectible Guide
Sackboy™: A Big Adventure

This guide will show you the locations of all collectible items (fish, paintbrush and cocktail umbrella) in Sackboy, required to achieve Player’s Player achievement / trophy.

1. Fish

World: The Soaring Summit
Level: Keys to Success

After the first key, head left to the elevating platform. On the upper level, between spider traps, pull the cork with the rope, and fish will pop-up from the hole.

2. Paintbrush

World: The Colossal Canopy
Level: Sticking With It

In the middle of the level, you will notice blue-red rotating platform with a green enemy near it. Destroy the orange balloon in the middle, and above it, you will find a blue paintbrush.

3. Fish

World: The Colossal Canopy
Level: Monkey Business

Once you pass the area with the two biting mouths (above the first is an orb and in second one is a x2 power-up), you will notice a fish on the left grass part.

4. Umbrella

World: The Colossal Canopy
Level: Matter of Factory

When you enter the area with the hive above the spinning gear, break the boxes in the left corner and roll through the hole. On the upper level, you will need to destroy an orange egg when it shows an umbrella as a reward (not a bomb).

5. Umbrella

World: The Colossal Canopy
Level: The Struggle is Rail

The Struggle is Rail level is found under the secret passage of The Colossal Canopy but is counted as the Interstellar Junction level. Right after the level starts, ride on your first rail wagon until the very end of the road. Then jump right and proceed on the hidden area until you reach the end, where you will notice a purple umbrella.

6. Paintbrush

World: The Interstellar Junction
Level: Touch and Go

At the beginning of the level, jump on the left platform to grab the battery from the top of the boxes. Insert the battery on the right platform and pick up the paintbrush by destroying the box.

7. Umbrella

World: Knitted Knight Trial
Level: Trial 11: Trial by Fire

Knightly Energy Cube for this trial is collected in the Pros And Conveyors level in The Interstellar Junction world. When you reach the end of the first spewing fire platform, look in the top left corner, jump over the bouncing pads to collect your umbrella.

8. Umbrella

World: The Center of Craftworld
Level: Crate Expectations

At some point in the level, you will reach an area with a dragon archer enemy and two balloon bombs behind him. On the left side, there will be four large boxes which you need to blow up with the bombs. After doing so, a smaller box will fall. Throw it on the bombs, and the umbrella will be your reward.

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