Resident Evil 3 Guide: Police Station items, documents, collectibles

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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough Police Station

The following guide highlight available items, documents, collectible, and puzzle solutions in Police Station area.

The Police Station is the first area playable with Carlos. After Nemesis attack on the train tracks in Redstone Street Station, you continue the gameplay with Carlos. Police Station is familiar place from the Resident Evil 2 remake.

ID Card

ID Card drops from defeated zombie (Police officer Brad Vickers) near the Police Station entrance.

Email Outbox

After defeating Brad, head back to the courtyard entrance and downstairs to enter the room to the right. The email is located on the desk.

Charlie Doll #10

The figurine is located on the wall in the courtyard, at the back entrance of the Police Station. After collecting Email, head upstairs to the right.

ID Cart Security Protocols

The note is in the Reception area next to the Main Hall in Police Station. You will find it on the waiting bench.

Storage Box

The Storage Box is right next to the ID Card Security Protocols document. To open Storage Boxes located across the Police Station use the ID Card.

Showers Room Locker Combination

The combination is written on the board in the small storage room located next to the Operations Room on the first floor. The combination is for the Locker located in the Showers room on the third floor which you will reach out later in the game. The combination is CAP.

Scope (Assault Rifle)

The Scope upgrade for the Assault Rifle is located in the West Office in a Storage box. The Storage box require the ID Card acquired earlier from the Brad outside of the Police Station.

Sept. 20 Arrest Report

The arrest report is located in the West Office on the desk in the middle of the room.

Safe / Hip Pouch

The Safe is located in the right corner, in a small room in the West Office, on the ground. We still don’t have the safe combination which is located in the Dark Room. The combination to the safe is Left 9, Right 15, Left 7. The Hip Pouch has been hidden inside the safe.

Internal Memo

After heading out the West Office, you can reach out to the Dark Room at the end of the hallway. The Internal Memo hold the combination to the safe in the West Office, and it is located on the desk next to the Typewriter.

Note to a Friend

There is a note on the bench containing instructions how to destroy the wall on the Second Floor in the Shower Room.

Locked Locker

Next to the bench is one of the lockers locked with the lock pad. The combination to the locker has been previously found in the Operations Room on the First floor. The combination is CAP


The key with the blue engravings is located on the Third Floor Hallway. The key unlock access to the Safety Deposit Room on the First Floor.

3rd Floor Locker Combination

Right after unlocking Safety Deposit Room, the combination to the Locker on the Third floor is on the right side at the notice board.

Charlie Doll #11

The figurine is located at the end of the Safety Deposit Room on top of the shelf in the corner.

9-Volt Battery

The battery required for the explosive device is locked in one of the safety lockers in Safety Deposit Room, the locker number is 104. Head to the dialing device at the entrance of the room and dial in the number.

Locked Locker

Another locked locker is located at the end of the hallway on the Third floor. The combination to the locker has been previously found on the board in the Safety Deposit Room. The combination is DCM

Report on the Mansion Incident

After the short cut scene when Carlos talk with the Professor on the Computer, DO NOT head out of the S.T.A.R.S. Office. Investigate the Office and head to the small room in the office next to the entrance. The Report notice is on the desk.

Photo of Jill

Next to the chair is the photo of Jill and her S.T.A.R.S. team members.

Storage Box

The last Storage Box is located in the S.T.A.R.S. Office weapons area.

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