Mission 2 Resource Operations – Collectibles, Secrets, Locations Guide

Collectible Guide

Resource Operations is a second level of DOOM (2016), with mission name Know Your Enemy. Below you will find detailed description of all secrets, collectibles and items in Resource Operations level.

Following items and collectibles are available in Resource Operations level:

Argent cells1
Field Drones1
Data Logs2
Marineguy Collectibles2
Elite Guards3
Rune TrialsNone
Classic Map1
New Weapons3

A video guide has also been provided, to actively aid you in your search.


On the way to restore the power, Automap is on the right hand side, inactive. After restoring the power, Automap will turn on. Head back and activate the Automap.

Secret 1

After activating Automap, turn back and go mid way upstairs, turn around again facing Automap. There is an upper platform that leads to the Secret shield.

Secret 2

(Classic Doom Map)

After restoring the power and going one level lower, keep going ahead and look for green armor on upper platform. After encounter with imps, keep climbing following green armor and proceed further on upper handrail. On top of the platform is a lever to secret level. After activating the lever, jump down to lowest level of platform and opening to the secret level is at the left hand side of the path.

Data Log 1

(To new advocates)

After entering the new section by force opening the doors with hands, at the cargo platform, after encounter with new set of demons, Data log is located at right end of the platform next to dead engineer sitting in a corner at the table.

Chainsaw Weapon

At the same platform, next to previously found Data log, at the right hand side is a door which lead to Chainsaw Weapon. Opening a door is unavailable until all demonic presence is cleared (all demons killed) at the platform.

Field Drone

After entering the new section and clearing out area from all demonic presence, destroying Gore Nest. Find elevator and head to upper level following the quest for Yellow Key. Field Drone is at the right section close to the Yellow Key.

Secret 3

After acquiring Yellow Key, and accessing Access Control panel, Security Level Yellow will be granted, and all Yellow locked doors are unlocked. Head right side through the passage to Maintenance hall. A hatch which was previously locked is now unlocked and lit up green. Open up the hatch and jump down for the secret.

Elite Guard 1

At the same lower platform with Secret 3, Praetor Token from Elite Guard and new weapon can be acquired. After encounter with imps, on left hand turn, Elite Guard is located at the end of the path.

Secret 4 + Weapon

(Plasma Rifle)

Within same location from Elite Guard, head back and left to a hatch at the end of the path. Hatch is at the opposite side of the path from where you have entered to a secret. Jump up through open hatch for a Secret location and Plasma Rifle weapon.

Secret 5

After Security Level Yellow is granted, head back up with the Elevator to the same location where you collected the Yellow Key. The door on the right side is now unlocked. Entering the room will lead to Secret 5 and passage to the next secret and Elite Guard

Secret 6

From the same room where Secret 5 is located, follow the blood trail until you reach out small ventilation shaft opening, continue through the ventilation and drop down at the end of ventilation path for the Secret.

Elite Guard 2

In the same room where you discovered Secret 6, look around, next to the barrels for the Elite Guard.


(Heavy Assault Rifle)

When you find yourself in a room with a hologram person speaking, before exiting through the Yellow door to Exterior Facility, enter a small door to the Security room full with weapons and pick up Heavy Assault Rifle from dead guard in the room.

Secret 7 + Collectible 1

(Marineguy DOOMguy Model)

Once you are outside to Exterior Facility, after dealing with all demonic presence and killing all demons, look for the forklifter at the very end of the map next to the cargo zone. Look for the box with blood trail leading to the ventilation shaft with blood trail. Jump up on ventilation shaft, make an U turn and jump again to the ventilation shaft on higher level. Follow the shaft paht and jump up again to the top of the roof. Once on top of the roof follow left hand edge for the secret and collectible.

Data Log 2


Once again back into the Facility, heading over metal construction. In a room with computers, after facing demons, Data Log is located at one of the tables.

Elite Guard 3

Near the end of the level, at the last corridor, before reaching VEGA terminal. A small side passage leads to the Elite Guard and Praetor Token Key

Secret 8 + Collectible 2

(Marineguy Bronzeguy Model)

At the end of the corridor, at the end of the level, before reaching VEGA, take a left hand side path and look at the boxes. There is a small opening at the top of the boxes. Jump on the boxes, and follow the path inside ventilation opening for second collectible and Secret.

Argent Cell

Argent Cell is introduced in this level. Argent Cells are upgrades to DOOM character. Each Argent Cell offer one permanent upgrade to Health, Armor or Ammo.


Challenge 1

Kill 2 of The Possessed with one trigger pull from the Shotgun.

Challenge 2

Variety is the Spice of Death I
Perform 5 different Glory Kills on The Possessed.

Challenge 3

Quite the Explorer
Find 3 Secrets.

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