DOOM Mission 1 The UAC – Collectibles, Secrets, Locations Guide

Collectible Guide

The UAC is the first level of DOOM (2016), with mission name Rip & Tear. Below you will find detailed description of all secrets, collectibles and items in The UAC level.

Following items and collectibles are available on The UAC level

Argent cellsNone
Field Drones1
Data Logs2
Marineguy Collectibles2
Elite Guards1
Rune TrialsNone
Classic Map1

A video guide has also been provided, to actively aid you in your search.

Data Log 1

(A brief history)

After emerging to the surface, exit the elevator and continue to the drop down, follow top right edge. There is a small cliff, jump on to the cliff above you. And in front of you is first Data Log.

Secret 1 + Collectible 1

(Marineguy Combat Shotgun Model)

After reaching to the locked door, you will need to acquire the Blue Key. The Blue Key can be acquired by heading down to the right side path. At the very end of the path, make a U turn and continue further to the large crate with corpse with a Blue Key behind crate. To get to the secret and collectible, jump on a crate and look slightly up and to the right. There is a small hole in rock formation, jump there and Marineguy collectible will be on a floor. This also counts as secret to the level.

Automap + Elite Guard

After unlocking the door with Blue Key. Player can take multiple paths throughout the level. Following the drop down and right edge, level become divided into two paths. One path lead uphill into the cave. Following the path into the cave, you will encounter demons. After killing them all in the back is Automap Station.

From the Automap station, by turning left, continue to the right hand side of the cave toward the exit. Elite Guard containing Praetor Token Key is at the end of the cave before drop down.

Secret 2 – Classic DOOM Map

After collecting Praetor Token Key from Elite Guard, continue forward jumping few rows down. There will be encounter with new wave of demons. Kill them all, and in order to unlock Classic DOOM Secret Map. Look within the yellow bars, there will be small opening. Heading through the opening, on the left hand side is lever. Pull the lever and it will unlock opening to Classic DOOM Secret Map.

Field Drone

Heading back up to the level at the position where you jump down after picking up Praetor Token Key from Elite Guard. Looking on the left hand side should be a gap with metal ramps on both sides. Jump over the gap and on the right side, at the entrance of the small tunnel through the cave is Field Drone.

Data Log 2

(Welcome to Mars)

After picking up weapon upgrade from Field Drone, before continuing forward, turn to the left and there should be small tunnel passage leading to docking station. Jump down and continue straight ahead through the passage, Data Log will be on the floor on metal dock station ramp.

Secret 3 + Collectible 2

(Marineguy IMP Model)

Continuing past the Field Drone, you will encounter another demon fight, kill them all and continue further through narrow canyon. At the end of the canyon, make a U turn. There is a passage that is hardly visible. Passage leads through the cave to the ledge. Marineguy Collectible is at the very end on the floor.

At the end of every level, statistics will be shown. Levels can be repeated through the game menu, to collect or find remaining items, collectibles or secrets.

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