[FREE] Content Warning on Steam

Content Warning, free now on Steam until Apr 2 at 16:00 UTC.

How to get the game:

Register on Steam or log in with already existing account and enter on Content Warning store page. Click on Add to Account button to keep this game permanently. This offer will expire Apr 2 at 16:00 UTC.

Or just click on following link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2881650/Content_Warning

About this game


Here’s the plan!
Get famous or die trying! Content Warning is a cooperative horror game where you film spooky stuff with your friends to try and go viral.

Step One: Go Down to the Old World
Squad up, customize your face with the ASCII face customizer, buy some gear and use the diving bell to go down to the Old World! Down there you’ll encounter scary physics-animated monsters, cursed relics and other artifacts!

Step Two: Film something scary
Film as many scary things as possible before you run out of oxygen, or friends…

Step Three: Upload to SpookTube
If you survive, you need to get back in the diving bell to transport you and the remaining members of your team to the surface. Upload your footage to SpooktTube and wait for the views to tick up!

And… Profit!!
Every run goes on for three days, the more scary stuff you film, the more you go viral. The ad revenue from your SpookTube videos enables you to upgrade your gear to film better videos and survive more easily in the Old World. If your team accumulates enough views in three days—you get to keep going with your SpookTube Career!

Key Features
• In-game handheld working video camera.
• Two-to-four-player online cooperative play.
• Voice chat.
• ASCII face customization.
• Make and save in-game recordings.
• Your friends looking and acting silly.
• Scary animated physics monsters.
• Cursed artefacts.
• Flashlights (many).
• Fame (maybe).

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