[FREE] V Rising – Haunted Nights Castle Pack on Steam

V Rising – Haunted Nights Castle Pack, free now on Steam until Nov 7 at 9:00 UTC.

How to get the content:

Register on Steam or log in with already existing account and enter on V Rising – Haunted Nights Castle Pack store page. Click on Add to Account button to keep this content permanently. This content requires the base game V Rising in order to play. This offer will expire Nov 7 at 9:00 UTC.

Or just click on following link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2169180/V_Rising__Haunted_Nights_Castle_Pack

About this content


Capture the essence of the season of decay with the Haunted Nights Castle Pack.

Surround yourself with dark symbols, candles within skulls, and hollowed-out cadavers of gourds. Pair them with tasteful windows and carpets that reflect the color of the falling leaves, and dress your walls with some tasteful spiderwebbing to set the mood.

This pack provides a host of options to decorate your castle in the theme of the autumnal season when the scorching sunlight hours begin to wane, and the creeping claws of death slowly take the verdant green plant life. Don’t be afraid of getting used to them, as once you acquire these decorations, you’ll be free to use them regardless of the time of year. What is time to an immortal creature of the night anyway?

The Haunted Nights Castle Pack contains:

New interior decor for the season of ghosts and gourds!

  • Haunted Nights Wall Decor (2x Wallpapers)
  • Haunted Nights Gourd Lanterns
  • Haunted Nights Stained Glass Window
  • Haunted Nights Carpets

Fresh ways to light your lair and… allow your servants somewhere to check their appearance.

  • Haunted Nights Floating Gourd
  • Haunted Nights Standing Mirror
  • Haunted Nights Skull Candles
  • Haunted Nights Laughing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Grinning Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Wailing Pumpkin

Cursed caskets, caches, and cobwebs.

  • Haunted Nights Web Drapes for Pillars, Walls, and Windows
  • Haunted Nights Coffin
  • Haunted Nights Small Stash

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