GTA 5 Knife Flights

Knife Flights

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Grand Theft Auto V

Knife Flights is part of Grand Theft Auto V Aerial Challenges. There are two sets of Aerial Challenges in Grand Theft Auto V: Knife Flights and Under the Bridge.

In order to perform successful Knife Flight, you must fly in between certain buildings with airplane tilted sideways.

There are total of 15 Knife Flights. Only 8 Knife Flights are required and counted toward 100% in game completion and “Career CriminalTrophy / Achievement.

In order to get Trophy / Achievement and in game award “Close Shave“, it is required to complete all 15 Knife Flights and all 50 Under The Bridge Challenges.


Location: Grand Senora Desert

The best location to find airplane for this challenge is at the airport in Grand Senora Desert. Airport is easily accessible, and there is always at least one airplane on disposal.

Knife Flight 1

Location: Vinewood Hills

Knife Flight 2

Location: Hawick

Knife Flight 3

Location: Pillbox Hill

Knife Flights 4 and 5

Location: Pillbox Hill

Knife flights 4 and 5 are next to each other, between same set of buildings, and you can fly through them at the same time.

Knife Flights 6 and 7

Location: Pillbox Hill

Knife flights 6 and 7 are on same line, same street, between 2 sets of buildings next to each other. You can fly through them at the same time.

Knife Flight 8

Location: Little Seoul

Knife Flight 9

Location: West Vinewood

Knife Flight 10

Location: West Vinewood

Knife Flight 11

Location: Rockford Hills

Knife Flight 12

Location: Rockford Hills

Knife Flights 13 and 14

Location: Del Perro

Knife flights 13 and 14 are connected through same set of buildings. One at beginning, one at the end of building. With little maneuver, they can be accomplished in one flight between buildings.

Knife Flight 15

Location: Pacific Bluffs

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