Yuletide Legends: Who Framed Santa Claus – All collectibles

Achievements Collectible Guide
Yuletide Legends: Who Framed Santa Claus

1. My Office (character)

2. Police Station (puzzle)

3. Outside the Mall (gingerbread cookie)

4. Inside the Mall (puzzle)

5. Clock Tower Courtyard (gingerbread cookie)

6. Clock Tower Ground Level (puzzle)

7. Clock Tower Top Level (character)

8. Dungeon Cell (puzzle)

9. Dungeon Corridor (gingerbread cookie)

10. Cliffside (puzzle)

11. Wonderland Square (character)

12. Workshop (gingerbread cookie)

13. Workshop Assembly Line (character)

14. Launch Location (puzzle)

15. Throne Room (puzzle)

16. Library (character)

17. Sphere Room (gingerbread cookie)

18. Stop Location (puzzle)

19. Inside the House (character)

20. Front of the Station (gingerbread cookie)

21. Police Station (puzzle)

22. Ice Castle Gate (puzzle)

23. Frozen Garden (gingerbread cookie)

24. Frozen Throne (character)

25. Moving Staircase (puzzle)

26. Magic Tree (character)

27. Clock Room (gingerbread cookie)

28. Time Crystal Chamber (puzzle)

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