Resident Evil 3 Guide: Subway Power Substation items, documents, collectibles

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Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough Subway Power Substation

The following guide highlight available items, documents, collectible, and puzzle solutions in Subway Power Substation area.

Jill reach the Subway Power Substation after acquiring Bolt Cutters and passing through the alleys from the Garage back entrance.

Fax from Substation Chief

In the Subway Power Substation Control Room on the desk next to the fire hydrant.

Hip Pouch

In the same room (Subway Power Substation Control Room) on a ladder in the corner by the window.

Charlie doll #5

The Charlie doll collectible is in the same room mentioned above (Subway Power Substation Control Room). In the corner on top of the shelf with the books.

Green Herbs: They Work!

Following the path from the Control room down the stairs. On a wooden rack next to the boxes and green herbs.

Substation Internal Memo

Next to the locked gate, on the wall.

Lock Pick

At this point Jill acquire lock pick tool. There is a case down the path on a dead body in the corner. Once the case is in inventory, inspect the case to open it and acquire Lock Pick tool.

At this point you can unlock all yellow locks in the game. After the Subway Power Substation area, Jill returns to the Downtown area and we will trace back all locked locks.

Locked Door

The first lock available to unlock after Jill acquire Lock Pick tool is the gate in the same area. The gate is required to open in order for Jill to continue further into the Subpower Station generators area.

Chad’s Notes

The notes are at the end of the labyrinth in the area where Jill have to restore the power at the substation. You have to climb the ladder to get on the scaffolding.

After Jill restore the power to the Substation, she need to return back to Downtown area and Bring the trains online in the subway office. Now we can trace back all lockpicks and unlock them.

Locked Locker

The lock is on the way back to the Downtown area in the storage room with lockers after the Control Room.


Downtown return

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