Mark of the Ninja challenge rooms puzzle solutions

Mark of the Ninja

There are total of 12 levels in the game. Every level except first one has one challenge room in which you uncover the scroll by completing the puzzle.

This guide will aid you in completing all challenge rooms.

Upon competition you can obtain the following achievement:

Of The Mind
Complete all of the challenges

The following link will provide the guide on collecting and finding all scrolls locations.

Level 2: Breaching the perimeter

Challenge room: Motion draws the eye

Level 3: The trial of shadow

Challenge room: Supernal light draws toward the stars

Level 4: A change in course

Challenge room: A step away, must also be taken back

Level 5: The fall of hessian tower

Challenge room: A shield only protects a man on one side

Level 6: An ancestral home

Challenge room: Peel away the layers to release what’s inside

Level 7: Above a bottomless chasm

Challenge room: A horse to ride in on

Level 8: The inner keep

Challenge room: Gone, but still not without their uses

Level 9: A blade at his neck

Challenge room: A place for everything

Level 10: A shattered stronghold

Challenge room: From the lowest depths to the highest reaches

Level 11: Set to flight

Challenge room: Leap, dodge, sprint

Level 12: The return

Challenge room: Seize the moment of opportunity

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