My Friend Pedro Modifiers, all 13 locations

Collectible Guide
My friend Pedro

In this guide you can find all locations and how to collect modifiers throughout the game.

Modifiers are bubble like yellow/orange collectibles found in the levels. Once collected, modifier unlock special abilities available to activate on main menu in the game.

There are total of 13 collectible modifiers throughout the game found on various levels.

A video guide has also been provided, to actively aid you in your search.

Below is the list of all modifiers.

Old Town, Level 7Infinite Ammo
District Null, Level 1One shot enemies
District Null, Level 4Player size
District Null, Level 6Player Bullet Speed
District Null, Level 8Cinematic Focus Camera
Pedro’s World, Level 3Side-on Camera
Pedro’s World, Level 4Big Heads
The Sewers, Level 2 No recoil
The Sewers, Level 3Player Speed
The Sewers, Level 7Enemy Bullet Speed
The Sewers, Level 8Infinite Focus
The Sewers, Level 9Focus Speed
The Internet, Level 1One shot player

Old Town, Level 7

(Infinite Ammo)

At the kitchen area, break the stack of boxes to get the modifier.

District Null, Level 1

(One shot Enemies)

Just above the switch in a vase. Shoot at the switch to close the gate and jump in the area above and shoot at the vase to get the modifier.

District Null, Level 4

(Player Size)

The modifier is located before the end of the level and it’s visible on the platform. To get this modifier don’t kill the enemy on upper platform, use the enemy to jump from him to get the modifier.

District Null, Level 6

(Player Bullet Speed)

The modifier is hidden in the vase at the area with a bottomless pit. To get to the modifier jump back and forth to the hidden area.

District Null, Level 8

(Cinematic Focus Camera)

The modifier is hidden in the vase in the building at the top level. Relatively easy to get, use the wall jump to get to the upper area.

Pedro’s World, Level 3

(Side-on Camera)

The modifier is relatively easy to get, but easy to miss. At the area where you need to use the platform to jump over the fence with bottomless pit. At the end of the pit, fall down and there is another platform with stronger spring to boost you higher to collect modifier.

Pedro’s World, Level 4

(Big Heads)

At the big square area after fighting couple of enemies, fly high up through small tunnel to get the modifier.

The Sewers, Level 2

(No recoil)

Shoot the switch below to close the door to be able to wall jump and get the modifier.

The Sewers, Level 3

(Player Speed)

This modifier can me acquired by using wall jump and bullet time. After pressing a switch, there is very short time before platform doors are back hidden. The jumping have to be in correct order, the first jump have to be on the left platform.

The Sewers, Level 7

(Enemy Bullet Speed)

The trick to get this modifier is to activate switches in correct order to activate wall from where you can use wall jump to get the modifier. At the modifier location you have to activate switches in order: right switch, left switch, right switch.

The Sewers, Level 8

(Infinite Focus)

The acquire this modifier you have to solve relatively easy puzzle which seems complicated, but it’s not.

The Sewers, Level 9

(Focus Speed)

Soon after start of the level, the modifier is hidden at the top of the platform. When you reach the area with the mines, don’t drop down, otherwise you will have to repeat the level. Shoot one of the mines and wall jump up the pipe.

The Internet, Level 1

(One shot player)

Another puzzling modifier. When you reach the area with two sets of lasers and level to activate the platform, balance between the lasers to reach the level and lower the platform. After lowering the platform head back to the starting position and jump across the open platform, don’t jump down. Use the bullet time and shoot at the lever to raise the platform again. While platform is raising, quickly roll down at the lower area to get the modifier.

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