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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough Downtown

The following guide highlight available items, documents, collectible, and puzzle solutions in one of the largest area in the game.

Downtown is the first open area available to explore in multiple ways. The gameplay in this area is divided into two sections.

First time being in Downtown area we have to find a way to put off the fire and reach the Subway Power Substation. This time we won’t have lock pick tool thus few items are remaining unavailable to collect.

After the Subway Power Substation, Jill must bring the trains online heading back to the Subway Office. Heading back to the Downtown for the second time we can unlock all available items and collectibles.

Drugstore Owner’s Journal

In apartment building next to the Donut shop downtown, in the same room with the safe and Charlie doll. The journal contain the clue to the safe lock combination


The safe is located next to the Drugstore Owner’s Journal. The clue to the safe combination is in the mentioned Journal. The safe combination is located at the poster inside Drugstore(Pharmacy) across the street. Opening the safe gives you Dot Sight upgrade for the handgun.

The combination to the safe is: 9 left, 3 right, 7 left

Charlie doll #2

In the same room with the Safe and Drugstore Owner’s Journal is another Bobblehead Charlie doll. Head lefthand corner from the safe on top of the shelf between boxes. (Watch out for the zombie)

Safe code combination

The Safe code combination has been mentioned already above, but if you are looking for where it is. The combination for the safe in apartment building next to the Donut shop is in the Drugstore(Pharmacy) across the street.

Charlie doll #3

Inside the Donut Shop, on the shelf next to the Microwave behind the counter.

Locked Locker

Another lock requirring lock pick tool which we don’t have yet. We will come back to this locker later.

Fancy Box

One of 3 fancy boxes with the Jewel for the Clockwork puzzle. The box is located in the kitchen in the Donut Shop. Upon collecting the box, inspect it and you will reveal Red Jewel.

Fire Hose

The Fire Hose required for the Red hydrant to put down the fire is located in the Subway Office hallway.

Subway Employee’s Memo

The Memo is located by entering the door next to the Fire Hose in the Subway Office at the desk. In the same room is a Shotgun locked in the cage requiring Bolt cutters which we obtain later in the game, and another locked locker.

Charlie doll #4

In a large terminal room at the Subway Office on the floor at the terminal.

Kite Bros. Railway Manual

The manual is located on the chair next to the terminals in the Subway Office terminal room.

Bolt Cutters

After Jill extinguish the fire, the Bolt Cutters are located in the locker in the safe room in alleyway behind the fire.

Fancy Box

Once Bolt Cutters are acquired, before going further, head back to the Downtown Supermarket. The box is located on the counter. Upon collecting the box, inspect it and you will reveal Blue Jewel.

M3 Shotgun

Require Bolt Cutters. Head back to the Subway Office, the shotgun is now accessible using Bolt Cutters to open the Gun Rack on the wall.

Training Log

After the cut scene in the garage Downtown where Nicholai shoot wounded officer, next to the officer’s body.

U.B.C.S Suicide Note

After going through the Garage back door and onto the alleyway, heading downstairs, at the right, following the path toward the red generator next to the body.

Electrician’s Notice

On the same alley from the garage leading left path downstairs on the brick wall.


Subway Power Substation

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