Resident Evil 3 Guide: Sewers items, documents, collectibles

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The following guide highlight available items, documents, collectible, and puzzle solutions in the Sewers area.

After a cut scene with Jill meeting Carlos and Nicholai in Redstone Street Subway Station, Nemesis start chasing Jill. In her escape from Nemesis, Jill end up in the Sewers.

Sewers Map

The map is located on the board on the wall in Manager’s Office, the first room available to explore after entering the Sewers.

Increased Sewer Security

The note hangs on the wall next to the door with the electronic lock.

Research Assistant’s Log

The log is located on the desk in sewers Office room all the way in the southern area.

Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo

On a small ladders in the Office room, next to the MGL Grenade Launcher.

MGL Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is on a well lit area in the same Office room on the desk right next to the Typewriter.

Sewer Worker’s Notes

The notes are located in a secluded area. After reaching crossroad, head right through the waterfall, down the path, to reach to the notes.

Charlie Doll #7

The figurine is behind bars in the sewers next to the yellow ladders before climbing and entering the Lab.

Battery Pack

The battery pack required to unlock electronic locks is on the table in the Lab.

Locked Locker

In the Lab on the right side of the west wall.

A Love Letter?

In the Lab on the desk on the west side of the lab.

Hip Pouch

The Hip Pouch is located in the Security Room locked with the electronic lock. After acquiring Battery Pack in the lab, head back to the beginning of the sewers to reach the Security Room. After entering the room, Hip Pouch is located on the desk.

Charlie Doll #8

The figurine is located above the last door needed to unlock heading to the exit of the sewers. In Lower Waterway after opening the door locked with the electronic lock, head forward on the steep stairs and half way turn around and look above the neon lights.


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