Resident Evil 3 Demo Mr. Charlie Dolls Locations and Challenges

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Resident Evil 3 Demo

With Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo released for us to take a quick look how amazing the game will be, we have a fun new challenge with collectible dolls.

Similarly to Resident Evil 2 Remake there are small bobble head dolls collectible throughout the demo. With small difference in Resident Evil 3 Demo, with few collectible dolls requiring specific set of challenges to complete to trigger their appearance.

There are total of 20 collectible Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls and this guide will cover finding and completing all challenges required for all 20 dolls.

A video guide has also been provided, to actively aid you in your search.

Mr. Charlie Doll 1

Location: Redstone Street Station

At the very start of the game, before exiting the train, head at the opposite toward the locked side of the stairs. From inside the train, facing the exit, head on the left side and look across the tracks.

Mr. Charlie Doll 2

Location: Downtown, Subway Station

Heading forward, following stairs toward the exit of the train station at the room with the Item Box at the middle of the table.

Mr. Charlie Doll 3

Location: Downtown Alley

At the alley outside Subway station, after ducking under the shutter and facing the ambulance and covered bodies, at the back of the ambulance.

Mr. Charlie Doll 4

Location: Downtown, Main Street

Challenge: Aim at the Mr. Charlie posted for 10 seconds inside toy store.

After reaching the Main Street in Downtown. Before going further to the left, at the right side, inside a toy store, look through the window for Mr. Charlie poster and aim at the Mr. Charlie poster for 10 seconds.

Once this is done, head forward to the left toward barricades with angry zombies trying to smash it over. Look at the big Donut on the roof of Moon’s Donut store. A small Charlie Doll has spawned on top of the Donut store.

Mr. Charlie Doll 5

Location: Downtown, Main Street

Still at the main street, continue forward toward the end of the street and another blockade with zombies. Look at the police car in fire behind the zombies on top of the hood of the car.

Mr. Charlie Doll 6

Location: Downtown, Safe Room

Upon entering the room with the Safe look at the top of the shelfs between the boxes, but first kill the zombie walking between the shelfs.

Mr. Charlie Doll 7 and 8

Location: Downtown, Back Alley

Just after the room with Safe, following back door exit and entering back alley, while still on the platform, look up at the top of the train tracks and look left at the roof of Moon’s Donut shop.

Mr. Charlie Doll 9

Location: Downtown, Pharmacy

At the Pharmacy store in the back alley on the shelf at the right side after the ladders. While here, pick up High-Grade Gunpowder located next to the ladders.

Mr. Charlie Doll 10

Location: Subway Office

Note: Don’t take the Fire Hose yet.

After entering the Subway Office at the door next to the Fire Hose, at the left hand side of the Door, on bottom of the cabinet.

Mr. Charlie Doll 11

Location: Downtown, Donut Shop

Head inside the Donut Shop and look behind the counter at the shelf next to the Microwave. While at the Donut Shop, pick up the Bolt Cutters.

Mr. Charlie Doll 12

Location: Downtown, Locked Street Corner

Requirements: Bolt Cutters

After picking up the Bolt Cutters inside Moon’s Donut Shop. Exit through the back side of the Donut Shop at the Back Alley. Head across the street toward the locked gate of the street corner. After killing all of the zombies there, look at the ground in left corner at the end of the path between air conditions.

Mr. Charlie Doll 13

Location: Downtown, Main Street

In the main street after going down the main stairs, at the right hand side, behind the stairs in the corner at the ground.

Mr. Charlie Doll 14

Location: Downtown, Upper Walkway

At the main street at the top map side, a metal walkway that leads to the upper side separating path on the left and right side. Heading right side on the roof of the building at the power top of the power generator.

Mr. Charlie Doll 15

Location: Downtown, Supermarket

Requirements: Bolt Cutters

After acquiring Bolt Cutters, head back to the Main Street at the Supermarket located across the Toy Store. Cut open the door and head inside. The doll is located next to the Cash Register. While here pick up the High-Grade Gunpowder located on the shelfs.

Mr. Charlie Doll 16

Location: Downtown, Upper Walkway

Requirements: Mix 2 High-Grade Gunpowders and listen to the Mikael

The Doll is located at the corner of the roof of the building following the Upper Walkway.

It is only triggered after specific set of challenges.

Find and mix 2 High-Grade Gunpowders, first High-Grade Gunpowder is located at the Pharmacy store, second High-Grade Gunpowder is located inside the Supermarket previously mentioned.

Once both High-Grade Gunpowders are acquired, from the inventory, right click and combine them into MAG ammo.

NOTE: Keep the MAG ammo in your inventory pouch

Once that is done, head back to the train at the train station and listen to what Mikael says about Carlos.

After that, go back to the roof of the building previously mentioned and look in the corner, a body with Charlie Doll next to it has appeared.

Mr. Charlie Doll 17

Location: Downtown, Back Alley

Challenge: Make 25 perfect dodges

The Charlie Doll is located inside of the police car at the back alley behind Donut Shop. At the back entrance of the Donut Shop, facing toward the Donut Shop, at the right hand side, next to police barricades, a zombie is sitting inside a Police Car.

To trigger zombie opening up the door and revealing Charlie Doll, you have to make 25 perfect dodges.

To make a perfect dodge, you have to roll close to a zombie and evade him. A bright flash will appear if dodge has been made successfully.

After 25 perfect dodges, go back to the Police car and kill the zombie, the Doll is inside the car.

Mr. Charlie Doll 18

Location: Downtown, Main Street

Requirements: Pick up the Fire Hose

Challenge: Deal specific amount of damage to Nemesis

The Doll is located at the Main Street, again inside the Police car with the zombie.

To trigger the zombie to open the door revealing the Doll, it is required to deal specific amount of damage to Nemesis.

To Stun Nemesis, you have to make him damage enough that he fall down on his knee. After that he will be immobilized for short period of time.

It is still unknown how much damage is needed to do to the Nemesis to trigger the zombie in the Police car.

However it is quite easy to stun Nemesis, take a look at the video or detailed guide on this link:

After dealing specific amount of damage, head back to the Main street, upstairs and look at the Police car at the right hand side located at the street between Toy Store and Supermarket. Zombie will fall out of the passenger side revealing the Doll and ammo.

If the zombie is not triggered yet, keep dealing more damage to the Nemesis or stun him few more times.

Mr. Charlie Doll 19

Location: Downtown, Pharmacy

Requirements: Acquire Fire Hose

Challenge: Put out the fire and kill the zombie behind the pile of cars.

After Fire Hose is acquired, head back to the secluded alley with Fire Hydrant located behind the gate at the Main Street, Downtown.

Use the Fire Hose on Fire Hydrant to put out the fire in order to trigger the zombie required for the challenge to appear.

NOTE: After putting out the fire, DO NOT continue forward, this will trigger the end of the game !!!

Turn around and head back to the Main Street, following the path to the pile of cars next to the Toy Store.

Aim behind a Police car through the pile, a zombie that wasn’t there before, should be there now. Shoot the zombie to kill him and trigger next set of actions.

After killing that specific zombie, head to the Pharmacy in Downtown Back Street.

When at the Pharmacy, a zombie which was previously laying down, appearing dead on the shelf at the back of the path, is now alive, and fell down from the shelf revealing the Charlie Doll.

Mr. Charlie Doll 20

Location: Downtown, Main Street Alley

Requirements: Acquire Fire Hose and put out the fire

NOTE: Be very careful with collecting this Doll as it is very easy to trigger the end game cutscene.

After Fire Hose is acquired and fire is put out, the last Charlie Doll is located at the same back alley behind a corner at the top of the ventilation shaft.

As it is noted above, this Charlie Doll is near the end game cutscene, thus be very carefully with moving forward, otherwise you might trigger the end scene.

When you are near the Fire Hydrant, following the right wall edge, start aiming behind the corner, and move forward very slow, as you see the door behind the corner, aim slightly above the door, and continue moving slowly until ventilation shaft appears. At this point look at the top of the ventilation shaft until you see the Charlie Doll.

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